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What exactly is Taekwon-do?

Taekwondo is a modern Korean martial art, known for dynamic kicks, and quick footwork.
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Anniversary Special: Two Months Plus Uniform for $109

rocknemorganWe started Traditional Taekwon-do 24 years ago this month in a derelict building in the Hollywood District that burned to the ground the year after we moved to a better location. Since then, we have continued to upgrade our facility, but even more important, to improve our instruction and service. Today, we offer more classes, for more kinds of students, than any other taekwon-do school in the Portland area. We have at least one class every day of the week and have special classes for very young children (4 -6), older children, adults and families. While taekwon-do is often considered a young person’s martial art, we have two students over age 60 and another five over 50.

To celebrate our 24th year of teaching excellent martial arts, we are offering a deal that almost goes back to the prices of 1993–two months and a uniform for just $109. That is half off our regular fees. This special will run only through the month of April

To sign up, all you need to do is call (503-736-9634) or e-mail ( and set up an appointment for an initial lesson. All new students receive a one-on-one class to get started. If you have never done taekwon-do or karate before, you then will enter the beginners classes that will provide you with the foundation for joining in our regular classes. If you do have some previous martial arts experience, that initial class may be all you need to jump into our group classes.

You also are always welcome to visit our school and observe our classes. Usually an instructor will be available to answer your questions during the breaks between classes.