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What exactly is Taekwon-do?

Taekwondo is a modern Korean martial art, known for dynamic kicks, and quick footwork.
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Annual Spring Tournament May 21

brucepalmpressingmatieaxeMaddie Muller scoring on David Cortes0013The Traditional Taekwon-do Kwan’s Annual Spring Tournamnet is May 21. It will be held at the Belmont Do-jang, 2940A SE Belmont St.

Entry fee is $35 if you register by May 17. Otherwise, it is $10 more. For families, the first student in the family is $35 and all others pay $20 each.

There will be competition in forms, sparring, demonstration teams, “Build the Castle” (a jumping kick game) and either power kicking (for novice students) or board breaking (for intermediate and advanced ranks). Sparring is non contact. Competition is friendly and builds comaraderie among schools.

If your school has not participated in a Traditional Taekwon-do Kwan tournament before, please contact Gil Johnson at (503) 736-9634. The tournaminst is an invitational.

The entry form is available here.