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What exactly is Taekwon-do?

Taekwondo is a modern Korean martial art, known for dynamic kicks, and quick footwork.
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What do our students say?

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Back to School Special: Join Now, Pay Tuition Next Month


You pile up a lot of expenses on new clothes, books and other essentials as school starts up again.  Yet you can start up taekwon-do now and not pay tuition until the following month.

Here is how:

Sign up for our Directed Dollars automated withdrawal program and you will not pay tuition ($90 per month for electronic fund transfers) for the first month. In addition, our initiation fee, which provides a uniform to wear, insurance and association membership, will be $50 instead of the regular $60.

You can attend as many beginners classes as you want.  Once you have passed through the beginners program–typically a few weeks– you can participate in any and all classes appropriate for your age.  (See our schedule.)  We also will give you a one-on-one orientation class once you sign up.

NOTE:  Since we should never stop learning, the back to school specials apply to ALL new taekwon-do students.


Taekwon-do gives kids what it takes to clear the hurdles in life

Life isn’t getting any easier.  To make it in tomorrow’s world will require core values found in the martial arts:  self-discipline, strategic thinking, perseverance, integrity and indomitable spirit.

 Students who study Taekwon-do also do better in school.  In Taekwon-do, they gain self-discipline and self-confidence.  They learn to focus and to think quickly and clearly.  All of these things then get transferred to the academic classroom with positive results. Check out Taekwon-do for Kids.

Taekwon-do is an excellent way to improve and maintain physical fitness and challenge oneself.  These days, many sports programs require hours of practice every day, 0013monopolizing children’s after-school time to the detriment of other activities.  Proficiency in taekwon-do, however, can be achieved by practicing three to four hours a week (although students are welcome to attend more classes if they desire).

In Taekwon-do, students practice patterns of moves called Hyungs. There are 24 Hyungs. Two of them, viewed from overhead, draw the Korean word for scholar.

We can’t claim that taekwon-do makes everyone a candidate for a Nobel Prize, but we have an awfully high percentage of scholars. At Traditional Taekwon-do, more than 80% of our students who graduate from high school attend college.